PGE-1 Keyword Protocol to CAN OBD2
Gateway & Encoder

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  • PGE-1 understands, processes and converts the old and non-standard Keyword Protocols to the modern CAN OBD2. In computer terms, this would be a Protocol Gateway.
  • Three old protocols are supported: KW71, KW82 and KW1281. The CAN output is formated following the ISO15765 standard. All the process is absolutely transparent and the OBD2 reader will see a fully OBD2 compliant ECU.
  • You can connect up to four generic analog sensors and one EGT, to complement the existing ones on your engine. These analog readings are encoded to OBD2 CAN too, and you can find this data on predefined extended PIDs.
Technical Specifications
  • Physical dimensions: 110 x 57 x 25 mm (L x W x H).
  • Operating voltage: 9-20 V.
  • Power consumption:
    • KW type firmware: 30mA.
    • Encoder only type firmware: 15mA.
  • Enclosure: Black PVC with flanged lid.
  • Operating temperature: 0-85 Deg Celsius.
  • Generic analog inputs: 0-5 V.
  • Analog power supply: 5V, 800mA max, short circuit protected.
  • EGT amplifier: Integrated with cold junction compensation.
  • EGT type: K-type thermocouple.
  • EGT measurement range: -40—960 Deg Celsius.
  • CAN interface: 250/500Kbps ISO15765 compliant.
  • KW interface: Up to 20Kbps ISO9141 compliant.
Supported Protocols
Name Firm. Version Compatible ECUs Engine codes
KW71 Opel v1.1.0 Motronic ML4.1,
Motronic M1.5 (not 1.5.2),
Motronic M2.5,
Motronic M2.7
C20XE, 20XEJ, C20LET, C20NE, 20SEH, C30NE, C30LE, C24NE
KW82 Opel - coming soon -
KW1281 VAG - coming soon -
Encoder only
If your car already has OBD2 function, you could also use this device. As mentioned above, the encoder only firmware offers you the possibility of connecting up to 5 analog sensors. You only need to wire your sensors and connect the PGE-1 to any point of the powertrain CAN network of your car, and the extended PIDs data will be added to the stock OBD2 stream.

Firmware info:
Name Firm. Version Compatible ECUs
Encoder only - coming soon
PGE-1 Configuration Utility
Android app on Google Play
Use the comfort of your smartphone to:
Install a new firmware or upgrade the existing one. You can select a firmware from the list, and send it to PGE-1 easily and safely. A robust algorithm prevents errors, even if the process is disrupted for any reason.

Let the PGE-1 know what analog sensors have you connected.Using our APP you can select your sensor from a list, and this configuration will be automatically sent and stored on PGE-1. In the case you want to connect a sensor not present in the sensor library, you can insert manually its technical data.

Inspect your device info. In this section PGE-1 information is displayed, such as Unique ID, firmware type and version, and even set/change the VIN number you want to show as OBD2 identification.

PGE-1 Configuration Utility FAQ
What is included
  • The PGE-1
  • An OBD2 connector (only needed for KW type firmwares)
  • A twisted-pair cable